How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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American citizen should take of his political duties, and in these, at the proper age, ought not fathers carefully to instruct their sons ? Ought they not to teach them that we are as truly bound to be honest and true in dealing with the coun­try as with our fellow-men ? Ought they not to warn them against the infamous maxim, current with some people, that "all is fair in politics?"
Perseverance, the steady pursuit of a lauda­ble and lawful object, is almost a sure path to eminence, It is a thing which seems to be inher­ent in some, but it maybe cultivated in all. Even those children who seem to be either indolent like the sloth, or changeful as the butterfly, by the skilful training of a watchful parent, may be en­dowed with the habit of perseverance. The fol­lowing anecdotes may aid in illustrating to youth the nature and value of this virtue. The cele­brated Timour the Tartar, after a series of the most brilliant victories, was at length conquered and made captive. Though confined in a prison, whose massive Avails and thick iron bars dis­couraged every attempt to escape, he still strove at each chink and crevice to find some way of deliverance. At length, weary and dispirit­ed, he sat down in a corner of his gloomy pri-
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