How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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cern and curiosity, the monarch twelve times beheld the insect baffled in its aim: but the thirteenth essay was crowned with success. It gained the summit of the barn, and the king, stalling from his couch, exclaimed. "This des­picable insect has taught me perseverance ! I will follow its example. Have I not been twelve times defeated by the enemy's superior force? On one fight more hangs the independence of my country! " In a few days, his anticipations were fully realized, by the glorious result, to Scotland, of the battle of Bannockburn.
A few years since, while travelling in an ad­jacent state, I came to a little valley, surrounded by rocky and precipitous hills. In that valley was a single house. It was old, and. by its irregularity of form, seemed to have been built at various periods. It was, however, in good condition, and bespoke thrift and comfort. Not a shingle was missing from the roof, no dang­ling clapboards disfigured its sides, no unhinged blinds swung idly in the wind, no old hats were thrust through the windows. All around was tidy and well-conditioned. The wood-house was stored with tall ranges of hickory. the barns were ample, and stacks of hay with­out declared that it was full within. The soil around, as I have said, was rocky, but
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