How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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barren landscape, and bids the choicest fruits and flowers spring up and flourish in the desert abode of thorns and briers. Look at Boston ! Where are the three hills which first met the view of the pilgrims as they sailed up its bay ? Their tops are shorn down by man's perse­verance. Look at the granite hills of Quincy ! Proudly anchored in the bosom of the earth, they seem to defy the puny efforts of man, but they are yielding to man's perseverance. For­bidding and hopeless as they would appear to the eye of indolence and weakness, they are better than the treasures of Peru, and the gem-strewn mountains of Brazil, to a people endowed with the hardy spirit of perseverance ! They are better, for, while they enable them to com­mand the precious metals yielded by other climes, they cherish a spirit and a power which all the gold of Golconda could not purchase.
Let me say a word in behalf of this home­spun virtue. It may seem superfluous, perhaps impertinent, to enforce industry upon the hard­est working people in the world, as I conceive our good countrymen to be: but I speak of it as a part of education—as a principle to be inculcated upon childhood. Its proper limits I 21                                   p
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