How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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stimulus to the performance of duties requiring bodily exertion. There are others who have an indolence, a reluctance to move, either uniform or periodical, in their very constitution. If neg­lected, these children will grow up in the habit of omitting many duties, or of performing only those which are agreeable. It is indispensable that such should be trained to patient exertion, habituated to the performance of every duty in the right time and the right way, even though it may require self-denial and onerous toil. A person who cannot compel himself, from a mere sense of duty, to overcome a slothful reluctance to do what is disagreeable, is but half educated, and carries about him a weakness that is likely to prove fatal to his success in life. Such a person may act vigorously by fits and starts, as he may be occasionally urged by impulse; but the good begun will often remain unfinished, and. from subsequent negligence, will result in final disaster. The only safe way is to found industry upon principle and establish it by habit. To show children the benefits of this virtue, and enlist their reason in its favor, pa­rents may recount to them the following tale.
In the northwestern part of Asia, there is a famous city, called Bagdat. The people here believe in the existence of certain spiritual be-
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