How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ings, whom they call genii. Like fairies, they are supposed to have great power, and to hold intercourse with mankind. All this is, of course, a mere matter of fancy, but it will answer the present purpose as well as if it were true. There was once in this city of Bagdat a little hoy. who was poor, and obliged to earn his daily bread by rearing flowers in a small garden. As the price of flowers in that luxuriant climate is extremely low. the hoy was compelled to he very industri­ous, in order to obtain necessary food and cloth­ing. But still he had good health, and he ate his coarse meal with high relish and satisfac­tion. But this was not his greatest pleasure; his flowers were a perpetual source of enjoy­ment. They were his flowers: he planted them. he watered them, pruned and nurtured them. Beside all this, they were the source of his live­lihood. They gave him bread, shelter and rai­ment. He therefore loved them as if they Avere his companions. He saw them spring out of the ground with pleasure; he watched the'bud-ding leaves and unfolding flowers with delight. But, at length, discontent sprung up in his mind, and in the evening of a hot day he sat down in his garden and began to murmur. " I wish," said he, ':that flowers would plant and prune and water themselves. I am tired of this
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