How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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and the farmer is by his fireside, he is too often silent, in cogitations about the farm. The mer­chant, though he has left his daybook and leger behind, is still moody and absent-minded in the midst of his family, for his thoughts are run­ning on business. This is all wrong. During the hours of business, a man must pursue it with vigor, if he means to obtain success. But he should still give himself several hours of relaxation each day. This is necessary for health, and indispensable to cheerfulness of mind. Beside, the claims of society demand that every individual should spend some portion of his time in easy and pleasant intercourse with friends, neighbors or general society. Pa­rents, above all. are bound to keep up a lively and pleasant sociability in their families, so that home may be rendered agreeable to the children and happy to all.
While, therefore, I would inculcate industry, I would remark that it may be carried to excess. Every virtue has its bordering vice. The ex­treme of courage touches upon the precincts of rashness, and a step beyond the proper limit of industry brings you into the dreary regions of avarice. The reason why we are peculiarly exposed to this error in America seems to be this, that, in every department of life, the harvest
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