How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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is great and the laborers comparatively few. On every hand, fields of enterprise are opening and beckoning adventurers to thrust in the sickle. This is the powerful excitement, operating upon every individual, to put forth his utmost exer­tions, and it has the effect to induce almost every man to undertake a little more than he can well attend to. Thus, like [ssachar of old, he becomes a strong ass crouching down be­tween two burdens, ile is rendered the slave of business, and. making the same mistake as the miser, who fancies that gold is an end, and not a means, he thinks that life is made to be spent in the hurry and turmoil of business, and not that business is. to some extent at least, an instrument by which higher and better enjoy­ments are to be secured. If this he true,—if we Americans are exposed to peculiar tempta­tions in this matter, let us be wise, and correct the mistake into which we have fallen.
These two virtues generally go together, and you seldom see one without the other. In illus­tration of their benefits on the one hand, and the evils which result from their neglect on the other, let me introduce to the notice of the read­er the following sketches, which he may have
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