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seen before. They are pictures of village life, but lessons may be drawn from them to suit the city, as well as the farm-house and cottage.
The village of Decay is situated somewhere in New England. The land is good, and the people have all the means of comfort and hap­piness, but they don't know exactly how to use them. We shall give a sketch of Capt. Seth Wideopen's house, which is a sample of the whole town. Capt. Wideopen, by the way, is a good sort of man enough, and is well off, as the saying goes. He has two hundred acres of land: but he has not the good sense to observe the advice of the old rhymes,—
" 'Tis folly in the extreme to till Extensive fields and till them ill. The farmer, pleased, may boast aloud His bushels sown, his acres ploughed, And, pleased, indulge the cheering hope That time will bring a plenteous crop. Shrewd common sense sits laughing by. And sees his hopes abortive die ; For, when maturing seasons smile, Thin sheaves shall disappoint his toil. Advised, this empty pride expel; Till little, and that little well. Of taxing, fencing, toil, no more Your ground requires when rich than poor; And more one fertile acre yields Than the huge breadth of barren fields.'-'
The captain is also ignorant of the advan-
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