How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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tages to be found in following the injunctions laid down by the same writer, as follows:—
" Neat he your farms : 'tis long confessed The neatest farmers are the best. Eacli hog and marsh, industrious, drain Nor let vile balks deform the plain ; No hushes on your headlands grow, Nor hriers a sloven's culture show. Neat he your barns, your houses neat, Your doors he clean, your court-yards sweet; No moss the sheltering roof enshroud, No wooden panes the window cloud, No filthy kennels foully flow, Nor weeds with rankling poison grow ; But shades expand, and fruit-trees bloom, And flowering shrubs exhale perfume. With pales your garden circle round ; Defend, enrich, and clean the ground; Prize high this pleasing, useful rood, And till with vegetable good."
The fact is that there is more comfort in neat­ness and order than most people think of. There is also much virtue in these things. They stamp themselves, after long habit, on the mind and heart, and, to some extent, mould the intel­lectual and moral character. No being but a pig is happy and at ease in the midst of filth and confusion ; and if a person, by living among them for a long time, gets reconciled to them, he is so far depraved and degraded toward the standard of one of the lowest of the brute crea­tion.
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