How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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254                         FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
consider that, if they bring up their children in this way, they are schooling them to be drunk­ards, profane, mean, base, wicked and despised: that the schooling of home is the most lasting of all schooling: that the ferule of the schoolmaster cannot efface what the father and mother have taught; that the preacher cannot destroy the die stamped upon the young heart at home by pa­rental example ! Look to this, ye fathers and mothers, and if for your own sakes ye are indif­ferent to neatness and order, for the sake of the young immediately around you be no longer so !
4.  There is a constant tendency in the want of order and neatness to cause ruin and waste; consequently a man who, like Capt. Wideopen, allows things to go on in this way, generally gets poorer and poorer, till at length mortgages, embarrassment, debt, losses, and the law, bring him to poverty.
5.   Neatness and good order contribute to health, wealth, and happiness; while opposite habits tend to disease, misery, poverty, vice and short life.
Let us now turn to another scene. The vil­lage of Thrivewell is also a New-England vil­lage, and is remarkable for its pleasant, cheerful aspect. Every person who rides through it is delighted ; and the place has such a reputation.
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