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peridge's example. Formerly the village of Thrivewell was called Uneasy Swamp, and was inhabited by a set of people becoming the name. They were poor, ignorant, idle and uneasy. They were jealous of all rich people. and considered the unequal distribution of pro­perty a dreadful evil. They were equally jeal­ous of the wise, and considered the unequal distribution of knowledge a nuisance to be abated. They were also jealous of the virtu­ous, and hated nothing so much as a jusl and honest man. In short, they were, half a cen­tury ago, where some conceited but ignorant and ill-minded people are now. willing to level every body and thing to their own standard. If a candidate for office was up, who addressed their prejudices, and coaxed them with pro­mises, though meaning to cheat them, he was the man for them. If he was known to be mean, slippery and unprincipled, fellow-feeling seemed to render them kind, and the more ar­dently they espoused his cause. Such was Uneasy Swamp; a place which may have its image still in some parts of the country.
But Pepperidge came among the people and
set them a good example. They persecuted
him. reviled him. hated him, ridiculed him.
broke down his fences at night, and played him
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