How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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of knowledge, for they perceive that ii increases their power of being happy. They respect talent and wisdom, for they know that these are gifts sent by Heaven for the guidance of man to happiness. In politics, they are staunch republicans, but always give their votes for men of sterling integrity. A man who has the general character of being an artful, intriguing office-seeker, has no chance with them. They are perhaps a little prejudiced against cities and city people. If they ever have any thing to do with a lawyer, they go to one who has been bred in the country, and one who was in early life a farmer. They think, and. perhaps, justly, that while this rustic breeding gives a man an habitually honest and plain turn of mind, it also renders him more knowing, sagacious, and favorable in his feelings, in respect to country people.
I cannot better close this sketch than by in­troducing some lines which are much esteemed in the village of Thrivewell. Every man, wo­man and child there knows them by heart.
" Let order o'er your time preside, And method ail your business guide. Early begin and end your toil, Nor let great tasks your hands embroil; One thing at once be still begun, Contrived, resolved, pursued, and done.
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