How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Hire not for what yourselves can do,
And send not when yourselves can go;
Nor till to-morrow's light delay
What might as well be done to-day.
By steady efforts all men thrive,
And long by moderate lahor live ;
While eager toil and anxious care,
Health, strength, and peace, and life impair.
Nor think a life of toil severe ;
No life has blessings so sincere.
Its meals so luscious, sleep so sweet,
Such vigorous limbs, such health complete,
No mind so active, brisk, and gay,
As his who toils the livelong day.
A life of sloth drags hardly on;
Suns set too late and rise too soon.
Youth, manhood, a^e. all linger slow
To him who nothing has to do.
The drone, a nuisance to the hive,
Stays, but can scarce be said to live ;
And well the bees, those judges wise,
Plague, chase, and sting him till he dies."
In proportion as virtue is beautiful, vice is marked with deformity; and as one deserves to be sought, the other must be shunned. I have endeavored to impress upon parents the impor­tance of inculcating virtuous principles in the hearts of their children, and I have incidentally warned them against the besetting danger of various vices. But this last is a point of so much importance, that it seems proper to make it the subject of particular comment.
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