How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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it roots out honesty, and weaves over the whole character a revolting tissue of trick, artifice and subterfuge. Let parents, therefore, deal vigi­lantly with this vice, and eradicate it in all its forms. If a root or fibre is left in the heart, it will soon or late shoot forth and flourish.
Cunning is the legitimate offspring of false­hood, and ever merits reprobation and contempt I know of no person more generally feared, shunned and despised, than one who has ac­quired the reputation of being cunning. He is generally compared to a snake in the grass which slides unseen around your path, and, without giving you the opportunity of escape or defence, is ready to make you the victim of his selfishness or spleen. If you would not leave the image of the serpent stamped upon the character of your child, be careful to check in him every tendency to cunning.
Envy reflects more disgrace upon human na­ture than any other passion. It seems so un­natural, and so exclusively useless and hurtful, that we cannot but wonder how it came into the world. Stripped of all disguise, it is hatred of another, excited by the perception of his superi­ority in some respect. Thus beauty, wealth, strength, talents, virtue, the best gifts of Heaven, beget this hateful passion. And let it be remem-
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