How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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and vulgar look upon the refined, and with which the vicious regard the virtuous.
Let parents beware of this pestilent disturber of human peace. If they are poor, let their children by no means indulge envy towards the rich. No person should be hated either because he is rich or poor. Above all. let not parents infuse a poison into the minds of their children, which can bestow no pleasure, and ensures cer­tain misery. Let them especially beware of those meddling people, who. knowing the readi­ness with which envy springs up in the minds of men, seek to promote it, and thus agitate so­ciety with strife and contention. In almost every village, town, and city, there are some persons of this sort. Even at school we often find some beardless politician attempting to ex­cite the children of the poor against those of the rich, by accusing the latter of pride, which probably they do not feel; and we need not go far to find similar politicians in grown-up so­ciety. Of all people in the world, these are most to be shunned; for while they are ever swayed by sinister and selfish designs, and while their exertions only tend to mischief, the weakness of poor human nature is still apt to give them influence. It is the duty, it is the interest of all to cultivate peace, good-will.
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