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MORALS.                                 265
good-neighborhood in society. Who then would endeavor to give up society to the demon of envy ? Who would give encouragement to the ministers of this mischievous spirit ? Who would aid in scattering discord and strife among the members of the human family?
Jealousy is a twin sister of envy, and the two may often be seen hand in hand, helping each other in the work of mischief. Suspicion is of the same bad family, and, like its kindred, perpetually seeks to extend its power over the individual into whose breast it has sained ad-mittance. It drives away the nobler virtues, and at length takes possession of the whole tenement. When it has acquired complete sway, it degrades the mind and debases the heart. It suggests evil thoughts of others, be­cause the place where it dwells is evil. There is no surer sign that the core of a man's heart is thus rendered unsound by the worm within, than to see him constantly suspecting others of vice or meanness. It is pitiable to see some persons, stung with this malady, who are con­stantly seeking to give a bad interpretation to the conduct of others. These usually assume an air of superior sagacity, and, pretending to penetrate the hearts of men with a moral mi­croscope of their own, trace the best and most 23
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