How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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late, almost all of them are imbued with a desire to rise in life, and therefore engage in the strife, to see which shall climb the highest. In this country, there are so many tempting fields of enterprise thrown open to ambition, that almost every person is roused to action, and stimulated to the utmost pitch of his powers. The humblest individual may rise to the high­est office or attain the most unbounded wealth. Every one can look' around and see examples wliich assure him of this truth. And. as if this were not a sufficient stimulus, we systemati­cally urge such views and desires, not upon the young only, but upon the whole community, as lead to the impression that success in life con­sists only in riches or preferment, and that hap­piness is only to he found in standing upon the heads of others.
This is wrong; and it deserves the serious consideration of parents. Competence and con­tent are true wealth, and those who exercise an influence over children sin against their true interest if they mark out for them a plan of life which goes beyond or falls short of these. The first step for parents to take in this matter is to get rid of a common mistake, that of making children the instruments of their own ambition. Mothers love to see their children better dressed
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