How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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virtues. As the sun is the source of light, so is Heaven the great fountain of charity. As the sun gives life to the vegetable and animal world by its light and heat, so charity quickens the moral world, giving to mankind whatever love, peace, and happiness there may be in it.
It is not necessary for me to enlarge upon the virtue of charity in its religious sense, as involv­ing love to God, the source of all good. But in its exercise to man, it cannot be too earnestly inculcated, especially as a point of education. I do not speak of alms-giving, the commonest, cheapest, and easiest kind of cliarity: for the demands upon us for this are few in our country, compared with what they are in most others. Perhaps the infrequency of occasion for the ex­ercise of this species of virtue may even lead us to forget it, which would certainly be wrong: for there are instances in which parting with our substance for the relief of the needy is an indispensable duty. But I would ask parents to cultivate that charity of speech, feeling, and opinion, which may lead to peace in families, neighborhoods, villages and towns. Let them cherish all this in themselves; let them culti­vate it in their children. If we consider the savage spirit which we often see in society, leading to duels, lynchings, mobs and riots; and
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