How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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if we consider that even the press often stimu­lates these, by bitterness and virulence, rather than softens them, by justice, candor, and dig­nity: we shall see how important is the inter­position of parents in this matter. Let them begin with childhood. Let them arrest the little arm that is so prompt to hurl a resentful stone, or thrust forth a defiant, fist. Let them check the little tongue that is so apt and ready at catching sharp and reproachful epithets. Let them cultivate the habit of putting kind con­structions upon actions, and seeking for favor­able rather than unfavorable points of charac­ter. Let them check a satirical turn in children, and by no means indulge in them a love of ridicule. I have lately seen, with pain, the abominable taste of England for caricatures. creeping into this country. Already the shop windows of our cities teem with disgusting pic­tures, which are deemed very witty because they are very monstrous. The comic almanacs, thousands of which are now published and cir­culated everywhere, are among the worst instru­ments of depravity. No parent ought to tolerate one in his house. A turn for the ridiculous, the lowest and last species of wit, is a thing to be shunned, for it often terminates in grossness and brutality. The following fable may illustrate
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