How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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seat of the soul, a constant succession of sensa­tions. The mind is, therefore, in the closest sympathy with the body, feels every injury that is done to it, participates in its disease. derangement, and decay: or, on the contrary, shares in its vigor, health and prosperity. Thus, it is evident, that in order to have a sound mind, it is necessary to possess a sound body: and to render this the more obvious, let it be considered that not only a large portion of the misery in this world consists in bodily distress, but that a considerable share of the ill temper, caprice, jealousy, envy, suspicion, which are witnessed among mankind, are either engendered or pro­moted by a diseased state of the body ; the soul itself being thrown off its balance by the irreeu-lar action of the body upon it.
In looking round upon life, we see some per­sons who are strong and full of health, and to whom disease is a stranger. We notice others who are feeble, who are subject to frequent sickness, and to whom the generous, happy glow of health is never known. And though it may be that the difference in these two per­sons is constitutional, founded on causes beyond human control, still, it is undoubtedly the fact that parents may, by judicious treatment, in most cases, ensure good health and good con-24
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