How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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stitutions to their children. And how is this to be done?
The rules to be observed in order to accom­plish this object are very simple, and generally understood. It is the wilful or careless breach of them in respect to children that so often en­tails misery upon them in after life. It may seem unnecessary to repeat here what is well understood in every nursery; but as it is better to err on the safe side, I will mention some of those common maxims which must be observed in order to ensure health, vigor and long life.
Children should retire early to bed and rise early in the morning. They should, especially during the warm months, avoid the evening air, for it is noxious to the blood. They should court the morning breeze, for it is full of invigo­rating influences. They should spend several hours in the open air every day when the weather permits: and even when it is incle­ment, they should be properly protected by clothing and sent abroad. There are few days, even in our severe winters, when children ought not to be out of doors at least for a couple of hours. Children of strong constitutions may take the risk of living in cities, but it is a se­vere and dangerous experiment even to them. Pure air and pure water are among the most im-
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