How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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portant instruments of health, and these are to be obtained in their perfection only in the coun­try. Those who live in the city, and have feeble children, should fly from it as from a pesti­lence.
The best food for children under ten years old, is bread and milk for the morning and evening meals. No person should take meat but once a day. and this should be at dinner. Children should be allowed but a moderate quantity. Mutton and beef are the best kinds of meat. Veal and pork are more difficult of digestion. Potatoes and rice are an excellent substitute for bread. It may be remarked that delicate children require that their food should be well cooked and of a good quality. Those who are strong and take hardy exercise need not be so scrupulous, though it is still better, in all cases, to have food in the most perfect con­dition which circumstances permit.
Pies, cakes, and sweetmeats should be abso­lutely interdicted. I know it is a very pleasant thing to see children gratified. It is pleasant for grandmothers and aunts to bestow these nice things upon those they love, and they may deem it kind and generous to do so. But it is, in point of fact, mere selfishness. These things are universally known to be poisonous
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