How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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to children, and those who give them are con­scious that they are purchasing the momentary smile of satisfaction at the risk of after sickness, and perhaps incurable disease. There is one practice which cannot be too severely reprobated, that of giving pies, cakes and sweetmeats to children without the consent of their parents. Whether this be done thoughtlessly or otherwise, it is a more serious injury to parent and child than to beat the latter, even without cause or provocation.
Tea and coffee should be totally withheld from children under ten years old. The former should never be taken, unless it is weak, before the age of twenty. Green tea is a strong stimu­lant, and can never be taken without injuri­ous consequences by some persons. Black tea is much safer: mixed with green it is very palatable, and has no bad effects upon persons arrived at mature age. Coffee is a strong nar­cotic, and operates differently on different per­sons. To some, it is a poison, producing nau­sea or great nervous irritability: others appear to take it without injury. But it is never safe for children or young persons. Even if it pro­duces no immediate, visible evil, it is sure to lay the foundation of after mischief. It weak­ens the digestive energy of the stomach, and
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