How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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upon us that we cannot easily shake it off. It has come down to us from long antiquity. It is commended by the sweet associations of music and song; it is connected with the memories of classic ages and classic climes. It has long been woven in with the luxuries of life and the hospitalities of home : and though it be a pernicious habit, leading to frequent drunken­ness, and spreading desolation and crime over the land, still it clings to us with almost invin­cible pertinacity. but something has been done toward the disenthralment of the age from this giant vice. We, at least, know that stimulat­ing drinks are unnecessary and injurious, and some approach has been made toward bringing people to act consistently with this knowledge. Thousands have abandoned the use of them altogether, and other thousands have gone so far as to reject the use of alcoholic liquors. The fashion on this subject is changed. It is no longer considered a requisition of hospitality or gentility to offer liquors to a stranger, or to any one who may call at your house. It is compatible with gentility not even to have wine upon your table at dinner. It was once no disgrace for a man to get drunk in a convivial way. Intemperance is now looked upon in its proper light, as one of those vices marked by
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