How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Heaven with peculiar reprobation, from the frightful consequences attached to its indulgence. Its immediate effect is to deprive a man of rea­son, and lay him upon the earth, a loathsome image of man, while yet but a mass of breath­ing clay. Its next effect is to take away self-control and self-respect, to paralyze the under­standing, to undermine the health, and stupify the moral sense. It goes on to render the indivi­dual a burden to himself and a by-word on the lips of his fellow-men. If he is a parent, it makes him indifferent to the fortunes of his children: if a husband, he becomes insensible to the claims and privileges of a wife: if a son, he cares not even though he bring down the gray hairs of a father with sorrow to the grave. We sometimes see the unsheathed lightning of heaven descend upon a human dwelling, and. in pursuit of the hidden iron, leap from point to point, shivering the rafter and splintering the beam, thus reaching the imbedded nail and sunken spike. And so the wrath of Heaven seems to follow the vices of the drunkard, first visiting the iniquity upon the shattered frame, then upon the ruined mind, and at last upon those who are connected with him—wife, chil­dren and friends! A frightful illustration of the inveteracy of this vice, and the supremacy
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