How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ing drinks as cheering beverage leads to the practice of it. why then are not these drinks banished from society by general acclamation'? Because many persons are still wedded to the old custom, and either their moral sense is so dimmed that they cannot see the truth, or, see­ing it. they prefer rather to take the tearful con­sequences of indulgence than perform an act of unpleasant self-denial. Beside, the sale of liquors is a source of profit to many individuals, and, while they know the evils of the traffic, they still claim it as a privilege to acquire wealth by scattering poison among their fellow-men. The wholesale dealer sells the hogshead to the retailer and the taverner, chuckling over the profit, though he knows that the liquor, as it is drained gill by gill from the cask, will lay many a human being prostrate upon the earth, send home many a drunken husband to beat and abuse his wile, and many a drunken father to set an odious example of vice and profanity to his children. The retailer and taverner dole it out. by the glass or the bottle, content with the gain, though aware that they take money from the profligate parent which ought to go to feed the starving children or comfort the over­worked and ill-provided wife. Such things are, and such things will continue to be, at least for
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