How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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a time. But they are becoming more rare, and truth and reason will ultimately prevail. There are many of the present grown-up generation upon whom intemperance has fastened its talons, and who arc doubtless destined to be borne down by it to an ignominious grave. But we may at least hope that the rising generation will be free from the dominion of this dreadful vice. Let parents, at least, see that their chil­dren reach the period of maturity untainted. Let them be brought up in total abstinence from all intoxicating drinks. Let this abstinence be founded on the conviction that any other course of action is but entering the path which leads to crime, and, as courting temptation, is dan­gerous and criminal. Let parents take care that their sons are never permitted to frequent a tavern bar-room where liquors are sold. A boy who once gets to like this disgusting temple of Bacchus, is in extreme danger of ruin. Let young men be taught that the practice of meet­ing at taverns, and treating each other with strong drinks, is alike condemned by good taste and good morals. Let the young, of both sexes, be kept away from balls and parties where wines, slings and toddies are drank. The breath of pestilence were less hurtful to them. To the young ladies of this country we
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