How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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may appeal with safety on this subject, for their taste and feelings are right and pure. Let them make it a rule of good manners, the breach of which shall forfeit their esteem, that no young man of their acquaintance shall drink intoxicat­ing liquors. Let mothers inculcate these views upon their (laughters.
Before I leave this topic, let me say one kind word to parents as to their duty in respect to the great public movement that is now making in this country to banish intemperance, by banish­ing the facilities, temptations and inducements to intemperance. Where ought parents to be found on this question ? Let me ask fathers and mothers to look at their own children, and. con­sidering the dangers to which they are exposed. to decide whether they will lend their aid to revive or perpetuate the custom of licensing certain establishments for the express purpose ot" selling intoxicating liquors ! Will parents aid in spreading snares for the feet of their children?
The climate of this country is regularly abused by the inhabitants, tor its extremes of heat and cold, and its capricious changes from one to the other. Along the Atlantic border of the New England states, the east wind is a theme of perpetual grumbling. But the truth is, our climate is a pretty good one, and those
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