How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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next his skin and a warm wrapper without, whether riding or walking, will meet this breath of the briny deep rather with welcome than shivering abhorrence. The person who chooses to go out thinly clad in a chill east wind may warm himself by railing if he can.
One of the worst customs to which our capri­cious climate has led, is that of keeping the in­habitants too much within doors. Every per­son, old or young, who is not confined by sick­ness, ought to go very often abroad, and take the free fresh air several hours. Walking is the best exercise for men and women. This should be practised every day in the year, unless the inclemency of the weather absolutely forbids. The English are the healthiest people in the world, and this arises in part from their system­atic exercise. Even the most delicate and hiirh-bred ladies there take an airing almost every day, and usually walk several miles. They do not mind a drizzle or a shower. How different is it in this country ! It is here considered a matter of delicacy for a woman to keep herself immured at home, and she pays for it in a slen­der constitution, a pallid cheek, the early decay of her teeth, and the premature loss of all the beauty which health can bestow. I have been struck with the diiference of custom, in this re-25                                   s
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