How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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spect, in England. There is no country where the women perform their domestic duties with more fidelity, but they still find time to gain daily healthful exercise beneath the open sky of hea­ven. This custom strikes an American on his first arrival in England. He there sees many of the women abroad, contrasting strangely with the shy imprisonment of the sex in Ins own coun­try. And one thing is to be remarked, that the English women dress to the weather, and do not expect the weather to suit itself to them. They put on thick cloaks and warm shawls, if the wind is rough. and do not disdain stout shoes or pattens, if the ground is wet or muddy.
This example is worthy of being followed by our fair country women. Mothers should begin with their children, see that they arc properly clad, and see that they go abroad every day, girls and boys. Let them be made strong, ac­tive walkers. The power of walking a dozen miles without fatigue is a great accomplishment, and it is possessed by many young women in England. Young men may easily train them­selves to walk thirty miles a day, and with this talent, a person may travel over any country, and that too in the manner best adapted to the study of its customs, character and resources.
There is perhaps no way in which children
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