How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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may better obtain exercise than in those sports which they follow at school. Young children, when they cannot go abroad, find a great amuse­ment in building houses, towers, bridges and fences villi block's of wood cut in the shape of hriclcs. These should be three inches long, two wide, and an inch thick. I have seen a child of three years amuse himself, alone, in a room lor tour hours together, with one hundred and fifty of these blocks.
Regularity of habit is indispensable to health. Children should be required to retire at night, to rise in the morning, to eat their several meals, at fixed hours. Regularity should also he ob­served in all the habits of the body.
Personal cleanliness is very important to all, especially to children. Not only the hands, face and feet should be frequently washed, but the whole person should undergo ahlution every day if convenient, at all events twice a week. In the matter of bathing we are sadly deficient in this country. Living in a land where pure water abounds, where a thousand bright rills and sparkling streams come down to refresh us, our houses are still worse provided with this element, so essential to comfort and health, than any other in the world, where the people have reached an equal pitch of civilization.
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