How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Nor house should be without a bath, and the easy means of supplying it. Yet not one in fifty is furnished in this way.
To these remarks in relation to health, I need but add one general caution, and that is, that chil­dren should not be pressed in their studies before they are ten years old. The first three or four years are occupied in educating the senses, which they perform themselves with little aid. It is not important that they learn the alphabet till six years old. To require these little creatures to sit down upon benches, to bend studiously over a book, to restrain their tongues, and keep their legs and arms motionless, which Heaven impels them to keep in constant exercise, is violating nature, injuring the health, and disgusting the young pupil with the whole business of school education. The true rule seems to be this: that until ten years of age the main effort of the parent should be to develop the animal powers, to secure and establish good health, good spirits, and a good constitution in the child, by no means neglecting moral culture, which need not inter­fere with physical training. The parent need feel no humiliation at the late scholarship of his child, for those pupils who are backward at twelve years are frequently beyond others at fifteen. Those persons who come late to their
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