How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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maturity are usually superior in soundness and vigor to those who are more precocious.
1 am unwilling to close this article on health without adding a caution against quack medi­cines, a common means ol* cheating the public, and a fertile source of disease and premature death. 'The whole business of quackery in physic proceeds upon the idea that ignorance and accident, in the management of diseases, are as good as experience, judgment and skill. And can any thing lie more absurd and mon­strou? Let parents, then, not only avoid quacks and quackery, but teach their children the true character ol' this odious business. The vend­ers of these quack medicines, and these quack doctors, are not self-deceived, but are. without exception, determined and wilful impostors, cheating the public by design, for the mere pur­pose of gain, and often knowingly sending down their dupes to a hasty grave for the poor profit on a box of pills ! There is something so shock­ing in this that it ought to rouse the whole com­munity. Parents, at least, should fortify their children against such impositions, and this is the more necessary from the extent to which, they are carried, and from the ingenious means which are resorted to for the purpose of de­ceiving the public. 25*
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