How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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little restraint, indulge in drinking and coarse mirth. Thus,intemperance and rudeness have been encouraged. In France and England, public amusements and holidays arc cherished by public opinion. Fathers and mothers, with their children, go together to fairs, shows, and other entertainments. With such sources of amusement, and in the presence of wives and daughters, men have no desire for intoxicating drinks, and no temptation to vulgarity. Under such circumstances, every tiling tends to refine­ment. In connection with this subject. I offer the following passage from Dr. (Channing's Ad­dress on Temperance.
'' In (very community there must be pleasures, relaxations and means of agreeable excitement; and if innocent ones are not furnished, resort will be had to criminal. Man was made to enjoy, as well as to labor : and the state of soci­ety should be adapted to this principle of human nature. France, especially before the revolu­tion, has been represented as a singularly tem­perate country; a fact to be explained, at least in part, by the constitutional cheerfulness of that people, and by the prevalence of simple and innocent gratifications, especially among the peasantry. Men drink to excess very often to shake off depression, or to satisfy the restless
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