How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sentiment, and to all pure and Generous emo­tions. Regarded merely as a refined pleasure, it has a favorable hearing on public morals. Let taste and skill in this beautiful art be spread among us. and every family will have a new resource. Home will gain a new attraction. Social intercourse will he more cheerful, and an innocent public amusement will be furnished to the community. Public amusements, bringing multitudes together to kindle with one emotion. to share the same innocent joy, have a human­izing influence : and among these bonds of soci­ety, perhaps no one produces so much unmixed good as music. What a fulness of enjoyment has our Creator placed within our reach, by surrounding us with an atmosphere which may be shaped into sweet sounds! And yet this goodness is almost lost upon us. through want of culture of the organ by which this provision is to he enjoyed.
"Dancing is an amusement which has been discouraged in our country by many of the best people, and not without reason. Dancing is associated in their minds with balls: and this is one of the worst forms of social pleasure. The time consumed in preparation for a ball, the waste of thought upon it. the extravagance of dress, the late hours, the exhaustion of strength,
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