How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     301
specially recommend chess, as exceedingly in­teresting, and as exercising the habit of mental attention. There are many games of cards which are .amusing, and of rather a useful ten­dency in training the judgment. Parents should, however, select proper occasions to warn their children against every species of gambling, and should specially require it of their sons never to play for money. This rule, if properly en­forced and rigidly obeyed, may save many a son from ruin into which he would otherwise fall.
The cultivation of the mind has been gene­rally considered as the whole business of edu­cation. But in our view it is but one link in the chain. It is. however, of great importance, and demands the special attention of parents in reference to their children. The mind is the seat of knowledge, and knowledge is the lamp which lights up the path to power. Beside, cultivation of the intellect tends to elevate man above the sway of his animal nature; it puri­fies and exalts the soul, and, by affording true sources of pleasure, affords a protection against the seduction of coarse vices. 26
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