How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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It has been the common notion that parents have little or nothing to do with the business of education, farther than to send their children to school. But is this a just view of their duty? Let us examine our seminaries, and, as we pass along, consider what may be fairly expected of parents, and what parents may fairly expect from them.
The fireside may be considered a natural seminary, pervading every nation and every grade of society. But more artificial institu­tions have been established, especially in civil­ized countries, for the purpose of instruction. These consist of seminaries of various kinds, from the infant school to the university. I shall first speak at some length of our common schools, and afterwards shall briefly notice the higher seminaries. Tn whatever point of view we may regard the district school, it is one of the most interesting institutions among us. In this humble temple of learning, a very large majority of the people receive what is called their education. It is the great instrument, therefore, which determines the character of society at large as to intelligence. Our colleges, our academies, and our high schools may give
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