How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ferent, private schools will be set up, and will draw off the children of those who are able to pay liberally. From this, two evils will result. You lay a foundation at the very outset of life for a division of society into classes, wliich has done more to destroy the peace of mankind than all the wars and all the pestilence that have visited this earth; a division that in this coun­try it ought to be our special policy to avoid. The second evil arising from having inferior district schools is. that they soon get to be des­pised. They are looked upon as the seminaries only of the poor. The teacher is regarded as a mere drudge, and finds no spirit in the soci­ety around to cheer his labors. The rich and the intelligent send their children to other schools, and. the active interest of these being withdrawn, the seminary sinks into a mere pound, where the children of those who are engaged in laborious occupations can be kept out of mischief for six or seven hours a day. These schools are, therefore, not only likely to be ill managed, but sometimes they will be filled with the worst children of the place. A lady recently told me that, during the recess of a private school which her children attended, she had occasion to send her boy, about seven years of age, to one of these ill-regulated dis-
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