How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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little things. It is doing to another as you would have another do to you in the intercourse of every-day life. Self-love is the master pas­sion, and selfishness indulged will soon pervade the whole character. Politeness teaches an ha­bitual restraint upon this vice; it teaches a deli­cate regard to the rights and feelings of others. I would, therefore, have in our common schools a manual, which should instruct every member of the rising generation in the principles of good breeding—in all those rules of refined society which are embraced in the word politeness. I do not mean merely the hollow ceremonies of fashionable life, but that code of lesser morals which requires the high and low, the rich and poor, to pay an habitual respect to the tastes and feelings of all around them. Consider the effect of diffusing such rules of action over a whole community ! Consider the benefits in a country like ours, where the design of our poli­tical system is to level down distinctions and weave all classes into one harmonious family.
There is another point almost wholly neg­lected in our schools, yet very important; I mean physical training. The teacher should take care that his pupils do not sit in positions which are likely to injure their health or estab­lish awkward habits. We have the testimony
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