How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     309
of physicians to warn us of the painful fact, that constitutional diseases and incurable bodily de­formity often arise from the want of attention to this rule. The teacher should take care that the scholars do not remain too long without relaxation, and he should see that all have ex­ercise calculated to impart activity and vigor. He should go with the pupils frequently into the play-ground, and, in addition to the custom­ary sports, should teach them such other amuse­ments and exercises as may give durability to the frame and elasticity to the muscle. All children may not seem to need this, but it is useful to all, and in every school there are many who are indolent or feeble, to whom such train­ing is indispensable. The body is the tenement of the soul, the setting of an immortal gem. The mind and spirit, as \ have before said, are linked in such close sympathy with the body, that, if this he weak or diseased, it entails misery on the whole being. If the tenement be ill built, shattered and leaky, the tenant must necessa­rily suffer. A great deal of the irritability of temper which we see in some persons arises from imperfect health. If, then, it is important to guard the happiness and ensure the useful­ness of our children, let us see that their physi­cal powers are duly perfected. I have had
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