How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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occasion to speak more particularly on this sub­ject ; I only mention it here as being a point of importance in our schools.
Moral instruction and moral training should constitute a leading feature in the plan of every school. The beauty and duty of justice should be illustrated and enforced. Charity should be inculcated. A love of truth should be engraven , on the heart. Kindness and good will to all living things should be diffused abroad. The moral world is balanced by two powers analo­gous to those mighty forces which keep the revolving planets in their orbits. One is self-love, which tends to draw every thing to the centre—self: the other is charity, which would teach us to forget self, and act with regard to the whole social system. It is a proper balance of these powers, giving to each its proper force, that can alone sustain the harmony of the moral world. This balance can on]y be en­sured by beginning with the young, and no per­son has a just sense of his duty to his children, or to society, who fails to use all due means to bring about this state of things. I have already expressed the fear that one reason why the heart is not as carefully educated as the mind, is, that the latter is deemed more necessary to worldly success. Knowledge, as I have before
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