How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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312                          FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
The importance of moral culture, of cherish­ing the principles of equity and good will to men, of laying deep in the mind a feeling of responsibility to God, and of keeping the con­science awake, as well as the practicability of effecting these objects by skilful teaching, even among the most depraved, have been mani­fested in various European institutions. Pro­fessor Stowe thus speaks of two which he ex­amined :—
'' At Berlin, I visited an establishment for the reformation of youthful offenders. Here boys are placed, who have committed offences that bring them under the supervision of the police, to be instructed and rescued from vice, instead of being hardened in iniquity, by living in the common prison with old offenders. It is under the care of Dr. Kopf, a most simple-hearted, excellent old gentleman; just such a one as reminds us of the ancient Christians, who lived in the times of the persecution, simplicity and purity of the Christian church. He has been very successful in reclaiming the young offend­er, and many a one, who would otherwise have been forever lost, has, by the influence of
common schools without encouraging a sectarian bias in the mat­ter of teaching; an indignation and contempt which I believe will be fully participated in by every high-minded teacher in Christendom.'3
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