How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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314                         FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
of Hamburg, to which I was introduced by Dr. Julius, who is known to many of our citizens, afforded striking examples of the happy influ­ence of moral and religious instruction in re­claiming the vicious and saving the lost. Ham­burg is the largest commercial city of Ger­many, and its population is extremely crowded. Though it is highly distinguished for its bene­volent institutions, and for the hospitality and integrity of its citizens, yet the very circum­stances in which it is placed produce among the lowest class of its population habits of degradation and beasthness, of which we have but few examples on this side the Atlantic. The children, therefore, received into this insti-tution, are often of the very worst and most hopeless character. Not only are their minds most thoroughly depraved, but their very senses and bodily organization seem to partake of the viciousness and degradation of their hearts. Their appetites are so perverted that sometimes the most loathsome and disgusting substances are preferred to wholesome food. The superin­tendent, Mr. Wichern, states, that though plen­tifully supplied with provisions, yet, when first received, some of them will steal and eat soap, rancid grease that has been laid aside for the purpose of greasing shoes, and even catch May-
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