How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     315
bugs and devour them: and it is with the ut­most difficulty that these disgusting habits are broken up. An ordinary man might suppose that the task of restoring such poor creatures to decency and good morals was entirely hope­less. .Not so with Mr. VVichern. He took" hold with the firm hope that the moral power of the word of God is competent even to such a task. His means are prayer, the Bible, singing, affec­tionate conversation, severe punishment when unavoidable, and constant, steady employment in useful labor. On one occasion, when every other moans seemed to fail, he collected the children together, and read to them, in the words of the Now Testament, the simple narrative of the' sufferings and death of Christ, with some remark's on the design and object of his mission to this world. The effect was wonderful. They burst into tears of contrition, and during the whole of that term, from June till October, the influence of this scene was visible in all their conduct. The idea that takes so strong a hold when the character of Christ is exhibited to such poor creatures, is. that they are objects of affection; miserable, wicked, despised as they are, yet Christ, the >Son of God, loved them, and loved them enough to suffer and to die for them, and still loves them. The thought that fliey
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