How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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316                          FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
can yet be loved melts the heart and gives them hope, and is a strong incentive to reformation.
" On another occasion, when considerable progress had been made in their moral educa­tion, the superintendent discovered that some of them had taken nails from the premises, and applied them to their own use, without permis­sion. He called them together, expressed his great disappointment and sorrow that they had profited so little by the instructions which had been given them, and told them that till he had evidence of their sincere repentance he could not admit them to the morning and evening re­ligious exercises of his family. With expres­sions of deep regret for their sin. and with pro­mises, entreaties, and tears, they begged to have this privilege restored to them; but he was firm in his refusal. A few evenings afterward, while walking in the garden, he heard youthful voices among the shrubbery; and drawing near, un-perceived, he found that the boys had formed themselves into little companies of seven or eight each, and met morning and evening, in different retired spots in the garden, to sing, read the Bible, and pray among themselves; to ask God to forgive them the sins they had com­mitted, and to give them strength to resist temp­tation in future. With such evidence of repent-
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