How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                    317
ance, he soon restored to them the privilege of attending morning and evening prayers with his family. One morning soon after, on entering his study, he found it all adorned with wreaths of the most beautiful flowers, which the hoys had arranged there at early daybreak, in testi­mony of their joy and gratitude for his kind­ness. Thus rapidly had these poor creatures advanced in moral feeling, religious sensibility, and good taste.,'
It is not necessary to enter into details to prove the fact, for it is sufficiently understood, that our common schools are in many respects defective, and fall short of the wants of the community. But what specifically can he done? Let me recommend, as one step, that some great effort be made to give better teach­ers to our primary schools. Let us look at one of these institutions for a moment. In the first place, there is a building, and there are ranges of benches and crowds of children. But is all this a school ? Surely a teacher is wanted. And does not the whole success of the establish­ment depend upon the character of this teacher? Is he not as the soul to the body, giving it whatever vitality it may possess? What is the object of the school ? It is not only to instruct 27*
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