How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     319
,: The fourth commandment says, l Six days shalt thou labor, but the seventh is the Sabbath, in which thou shalt do no work.' Now I wished to ascertain if nature obeyed this great law, and therefore measured the grass, to see if it grew as much on Sunday as on other days." There are children who seem to be endowed with sublime thoughts even at a very early period. The celebrated Chateauneuf, at the age of nine years, was holding a conversation with a bishop. I will give you an orange,'' said the latter, -if you will tell me where God is.*' ':T will give you two,"' said the boy, ;:if you will tell me where he is not,"
Some children display an early relish for wit or humor. I have heard of a little boy, who, on seeing a man at work whitewashing a wall, was observed to smile. " Why do you smile 1" said a by-stander. :' Don't you see." said the boy, " that he is lathering the wall, and when he has done I suppose he will shave it." Other children run into the habit of taking sound for sense, and this, if indulged, leads to ridiculous absurdities. I recollect a lad at school who in this way became a sort of oracle, and could readily answer the profoundest questions. < )ne of his companions happening to meet with the word fortification, asked him the meaning of
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