How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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it. " Fortification," said the oracle, " fortifica­tion—why it's two twentyfications, to be sure."
An early turn for sarcastic retort is manifest­ed by some children. I once heard of a boy, who, being rebuked by a clergyman for neg­lecting to go to church, replied, that he would go it he could be permitted to change his seat. " But why do you wish to change your seat?" said the minister. " You see," said the boy, " I sit over the opposite side of the meeting­house, and between me and you there's Judy Vicars and Mary Staples, and half a dozen other women, with their mouths wide open, and they get all the best of the sermon, and when it comes to me it's pretty poor stuff!"
These and a thousand other diversities of character appear in children, even in the first unfolding of their faculties. Now, consider the task of the instructer. He is, in the first place, to weave over this diversified group of children the web of authority; lie is to train and sub­ject them to his government. He is then to sow the seeds of knowledge into soils as varied as those which stretch from "Lapland to the line.:; And he is not only to sow seed into the mind, but he is to cultivate the soul,—he is to nurse, to prune, to cherish and bring to perfection, the intellectual and moral harvest. And does not
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