How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     321
all this require consummate skill 1 The com­monest mechanic must serve an apprenticeship of seven years before he can pursue his trade with success. Will you trust your watch, with all its fine mechanism, its delicate wheels, its elastic springs, its hair-strung balance, to a blacksmith? And how much finer is the mo­ral mechanism of childhood; how much more subtle the springs of passion : how much nicer the cog wheels of thought: how much freer the changeful balance of the will than any semblance of them that can be found in the most ingenious of human inventions. And shall the management of these be intrusted to an inexperienced bungler, who has not learnt his art, who has never even served an apprenticeship to his trade I If such a one injures, fatally in­jures the mind intrusted to his care, is not the result such as common sense would teach us to expect ?
There is a story of a German schoolmaster, which shows the low notions which may be entertained of education. Stouber, the prede­cessor of Oberlin, the pastor of Waldbach, on his arrival at the place desired to be shown to the principal school-house. He was conducted into a miserable cottage, where a number of children were crowded together, without any oc-
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