How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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cupation. He inquired for the master. " There he is," said one, as soon as silence could be obtained, pointing to a withered old man, who lay on a little bed in one corner. "Are you the master, my good friend ?" asked Stouber. '' Yes, sir." "And what do you teach the children?" "Nothing, sir." "Nothing! how is that?" "Be­cause," replied the old man, "I know nothing myself." " Why then were you appointed the schoolmaster?" "Why, sir, I had been taking care of the Waldbach pigs for a number of years, and when I got too old and infirm for that employment they sent me here to take care of the children."
This anecdote may evince a degree of stu­pidity not to be met with in this country; but even here, there is a popular and preva­lent notion that any body can be a school­master. I have heard of a man who contended that learning in a teacher was a positive hin­drance to success. He was accustomed to illustrate his opinions in the following man­ner : " When the prophet desired to blow down the walls of Jericho, he did not take a brass trumpet or a polished French horn: but he took a ram's horn, a plain natural ram's horn, just as it grew. And so if you desire to overturn the Jericho of ignorance, you must
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